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Hello, as 25Things @ Huddersfield is starting a new round for 2010 with a new crop of participants (with 3 of us from last year doing the hand holding for this years newbies), I thought it was about time I got back to my own blog…so here I am ūüôā

Since taking part in last years 25Things I’ve become even more addicted to the web and now have a blog for the resource area for Art, Design and Architecture that I manage here at the University ¬†http://trendhub.wordpress.com/

Facebook pages and groups for

the Trend Hub resource area facebook/TRENDHUB

SAMPLE (the brand and publication for the BA. Hons Crafts course ) facebook/SAMPLE (I also have a private closed facebook account just for staff and student participants and contributors to Sample)

BaccaPipes Folk Club facebook/BACCApipes-Folk-Club

and now 2 Twitter accounts which I monitor and use mainly via Tweetdeck which makes managing 2 very different account …manageable.

http://twitter.com/desimeleon (the people I follow here now tends to be mainly posting about eLearning and technology )

http://twitter.com/adatrendhub (Art, Design and Architecture Creative stuff )

There are a number of other ways that fuel my web addiction thanks to 25Things but more about those another time.


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I’ve found that I use facebook updates for friends (the confessional not professional) and Twitter has become a place for work connections, though I am following my son on Twitter also… yes he does know.. I’ve found lots of interesting e-learning links and discussions I wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for some of my twitter connections, so it now has a firm place in my work related resources thanks to 25 Things for the nudge.

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21/25 library Thing

This is completely new to me – I’m sitting here at home surrounded by books, oh and computer stuff, the last book case I built was floor to ceiling on our first floor landing and is / was full from about 1/2 after the last screw went in, but I didn’t know, don’t know anything about Library Thing so …here goes… in another tab, time to take a look :O

“Developed for booklovers, this online tool not only allows you to create an online catalogue of your own, it also connects you to other people who have similar libraries and reading tastes. Add a book to your catalogue by just entering the title and find other users who share your reading tastes. There are lots of ways to use LibraryThing. You can even view your books on a virtual shelf, add a widget to display titles that are in your catalogue.” – 25Things @ huddersfield ¬†– see also¬†http://en.wordpress.com/tag/librarything/

I’m not sure if I want to catalogue our books, but, I did mention this Library Thing to my sons girl friend a few days ago (she is currently doing an English Lit A Level, going onto an English Lit and French Degree later this year) and she was interested in finding out more, so I’m going to investigate further.

libthingbook1A random selection of books added, 16 so far (?1000’s to go), not always the exact edition so that might have an effect on how many other people have, or haven’t got this on their shelf. I found 138 members with¬†Exodus¬†by¬†Julie Bertagna¬†but only one other with the second book in the series¬†Zenith¬†by¬†Julie Bertagna,¬†umm.

and no one else with¬†Glorious Colour;¬†Sources of Inspiration for Knitting and Needlpoint by Kaffe Fassett,¬†I’ll bring this one into work sometime because I know all in level 3 will like it!

and curious to see¬†The Amulet of Samarkand (The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 1)¬†byJonathan Stroud¬†-2,497 other members,¬†Ptolemy’s Gate (The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 3)by Jonathan Stroud¬†–¬†1,513 other members, but the second in the series¬†Golem’s Eye¬†by¬†Jonathan Stroud¬†only 1 other member.

Sooo much to look at, toooo much for just now, so I will be back to this one….even if its for others not myself.

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Well I could just say…been there/done that/doing that….because I have, I am, and here’s why….

Tykes News is a not-for-profit magazine to promote folk and acoustic music in and around West Yorkshire, and, I’m one of a small team who edit and produce it, 900 / 4 times a year. Thats 900 copies not 900 people. A couple of years ago with Google Docs as a main ¬†line of communication we went fully digital. No more out-sourcing a type setter (by this time we were their only customer anyway and they wanted to retire) No more weekends with my kitchen table covered in cutting mats,scaples and paste boards, let along the not so delicate spray mount in the air.

Google Docs allowed us to drag Tykes into the digital age.

We have a combination of “word” type documents for the actual content, and an “excell” spreadsheet document for the planning and layout.goggledoc_cols

Each of us has our own¬†input¬†colour for when we are editing in any way and we can and do edit on occasion¬†simultaneously, sometimes form different computer in the same house and most importantly from completely¬†different¬†locations. this means one person can imput content/articles, while another then¬†proof¬†reads (not me, I don’t do spelling, just in case anyone¬†hadn’t¬†noticed) The spreadsheet document is¬†invaluable¬†for adding up total¬†length¬†of text, space for advert etc. the document itself is set and put together off line in InDesign.

Goole Doc's at work for Tykes News

Goole Doc's at work for Tykes News

once we have all text and adverts accounted for, about a week after copy date, then this information is used to plan the layout, this is what I was doing last Friday afternoon on my day off, head deep down with 2 google Doc sheets open,¬†transferring¬†information from one to another and creating the layout plan for the next issue which is due back from the printer next week sometime ¬† – ¬†“Spring 09” ¬†–

There are some issues that need considering, if your going to collaborate on shared document like this I think you need to have an understanding of how you all work first, the last thing you want is to find your all trying to change … and re-change the same bit… all at the same time, sometimes it can be a bit frustrating that because it is all online and¬†dependent¬†on you upload/download speeds, sometimes the documents can’t keep up with the speed your making changes,¬†particularly¬†if you are copying and pasting from one spread sheet cell into another, but thats just something to get used to.

Overall I’m really please to be able to use Google Docs in this way, it’s great for us at Tykes.

sneek preview below

spring09-for-proofing_page_01  spring09-for-proofing_page_37spring09-for-proofing_page_07spring09-for-proofing_page_25spring09-for-proofing_page_41

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Just some of the…hang on I’ll just check..58 Facebook Groups I belong to more of them more work related than not and some Pages I’m a fan of – 51 of those at last count



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Yep already a facebook user see my FB profile here

I joined up initially realizing it was a good simple quick way to keep in touch with family and friends spread out around the country and beyond. It’s been good to share photographs – well mostly, I don’t think I’ve actually untagged myself yet…nearly, and I’ve found it’s in some cases a better way of getting messages through to some members of the family who have a habit of loosing phones or just not picking up their emails – a bit worrying sometime though when I’ve found myself having a virtual conversation with my daughter who is only upstairs at the time, but then she is 15 so sometimes that’s better for both of us!

I’ve had a number of conversations with colleagues around the School of Art, Design and Architecture ref the dilemma of do you become FB friends with students who send you a friend request, so far we’ve all agreed No, it’s better to keep the professional and possibly confessional apart. Some of us keep in touch with each other via FB and find it useful to share resource information, it’s good to know what sort of Art and Design related groups we are joining – more about that later.

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more 14/25Things – wikis

This time wikis found using Wikia web site. I like this much better..

ones I like include
http://folksongindex.wikia.com/wiki/The_Carter_Family    because of

The CARTER FAMILY at CHRISTMAS~ at home & on the air; the songs, the stories, the family traditions. With Lynda Hardcastle, Helen Hockenhull, Mike Hockenhull, Alan Rose & Nigel Schofield. see http://www.skinnymalinksmusic.co.uk/artists/thesongsofthecar.htmlsongs-of-the-carter-family


Рa special concept night at 

Baccapipes Folk Club last December performed magnificently by the friends listed above, and pictured left.

“In the show, Alan, Lynda, and Mike & Helen perform many of the Carters‚Äô best known songs, as well as some neglected gems from their repertoire, while Nigel Schofield tells their story, which encompasses groundbreaking commercial success and self-destructive personal scandal.”








http://morrisdancing.wikia.com/wiki/Morris_Dancing_Wiki might have something to contribute to this one later

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