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Now I find can’t do without my deli.icio.us accounts.

I also found it hard to define what ..went in/or goes in.. which account, it’s the work/personal thing again. So, now I have 2 deli.icio.us accounts – my home based more personal account – desimeleon see my tag cloud here  – http://delicious.com/tags/desimeleon and linked in the same network my 1st del.icio.us account, my work based trendhub account – its tag cloud is here http://delicious.com/tags/trendhub.

I only set up my desimeleon account a few days ago and found I could upload all my web browser bookmarks direct to it, which I did…..all 1256 ish of them. This ment there were things bookmarked on del.icio.us that really didn’t deserve to be bookmarked so some hours later I’m down to 499, no wait 500 as of a few minutes ago when I checked and acepted a recomendation from the trendhub del.icio.us account, a site I bookmarked earier today at work. I’d always bookmarked sites and kept these organised in folders, and, shared bookmarks between web browsers, but what i haddent done was apply tags to them, this is a bit advantage…to be able to give website multiple tags and so find them and related sites using a variety of lables is so much more helpful and flexible than just filing them in one folder at a time.

I LOVE TAGS !   – Thanks you 25 Things 🙂

and many of the students who use the Trendhub are starting to love tags and del.icio.us also.

now i’m always logged into desimeleon del.icio.us at home and trendhub del.icio.us at work – ready to bookmark and tag and share the world.


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So I’ve spent hours over the last week or so, back with “Thing 10Tagging and Del.icio.us, I just can’t stop. Doing the 25 things @ Huddersfield” has made me look much more closely at the way I use the Internet and all it’s resources, tagging ,categorising,separating,combining… it’s all become a bit of an obsession – Whats Work, Whats Personal, where does one start and the other end – well for me I don’t think there is a beginning and an end, the more I try to separate resources, the more I realize they overlap and blur .

So …next I set about making  the most of my blurry edges, and, using the Things I’ve learnt so far, making sure I can access all my Internet resources where ever I am.

1st rationalise, my email accounts, I still have let me see….2 blueyonder accounts, 1 fsmail account (used mainly for all those website registrations that have spam written all over them, particually shopping websites, 2 uni emails (1 for me, 1 for the hub – 3 if you count the ada e-learning mail account I share) and finally 2 Gmail accounts.

It was the Gmail accounts that were causing confusion since they both come with an iGoogle acount and all the add ons that go with it and you can only log into 1 at a time. I set up message filters for the emails along with automatic tags on  messages, amalgamated all my iGoogle bar widgets etc into 1 iGoogle account and gave admistration rights to my blogger account to the second iGoogle acount also.

This means i can now administrate all from one iGoogle login including this wordpress blog, and my desimeleon del.icio.us account.

More about my addiction to my iGoogle account on a seperate page.



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10/25 Tagging

Del.icio.us – I love it!


I’ve had a link to my Del.icio.us tags on this blog from the beginning and use it/them regually with students, I like the ability to share and see what other people with similar interests have tagged, It’s a very useful tool for me, I find the fact that I can pickup my favorite sites on any computer anywhere, and maybe sometime soon I’ll set up a seperate personal account…. watch this space...

here’s just a couple – well 3 – of my tags –

Wordle – Beautiful Word Clouds

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. – here’s a link to one of my Wordle Tag Cloud Visuals Trendhub by Desimelion

Trend Hub Tag Cloud - visualisation using wordle

Trend Hub Tag Cloud - visualisation using wordle


SDC ColourClick: Colour facts at your fingertips

Colour facts and information at your fingertips: Society of Dyers and Colourists

Color Marketing Group

Color Marketing Group is the premier international association for color design professionals. Our mission is to create color forecast information for professionals who design and market color.

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