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Just some of the…hang on I’ll just check..58 Facebook Groups I belong to more of them more work related than not and some Pages I’m a fan of – 51 of those at last count




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Yep already a facebook user see my FB profile here

I joined up initially realizing it was a good simple quick way to keep in touch with family and friends spread out around the country and beyond. It’s been good to share photographs – well mostly, I don’t think I’ve actually untagged myself yet…nearly, and I’ve found it’s in some cases a better way of getting messages through to some members of the family who have a habit of loosing phones or just not picking up their emails – a bit worrying sometime though when I’ve found myself having a virtual conversation with my daughter who is only upstairs at the time, but then she is 15 so sometimes that’s better for both of us!

I’ve had a number of conversations with colleagues around the School of Art, Design and Architecture ref the dilemma of do you become FB friends with students who send you a friend request, so far we’ve all agreed No, it’s better to keep the professional and possibly confessional apart. Some of us keep in touch with each other via FB and find it useful to share resource information, it’s good to know what sort of Art and Design related groups we are joining – more about that later.

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