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I found this on YouTube after following a Twitter Feed to first of all this blog post 


quote from above…. “As a knock-on of this there’s been a large amount of media buzz about the use of Twitter as a mob-sourced geo-mashup generator to show snowfall.  Twitter users have been posting the first half of their postcode, plus the amount of snow in their location. 0 = no snow, 10 = bucket loads. ie: “#uksnow W12 9/10″  Developers have been mashing-up that data. Check out Ben Marsh’s neat, live Google Map mashup of this: #uksnow Tweets


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Well I could just say…been there/done that/doing that….because I have, I am, and here’s why….

Tykes News is a not-for-profit magazine to promote folk and acoustic music in and around West Yorkshire, and, I’m one of a small team who edit and produce it, 900 / 4 times a year. Thats 900 copies not 900 people. A couple of years ago with Google Docs as a main  line of communication we went fully digital. No more out-sourcing a type setter (by this time we were their only customer anyway and they wanted to retire) No more weekends with my kitchen table covered in cutting mats,scaples and paste boards, let along the not so delicate spray mount in the air.

Google Docs allowed us to drag Tykes into the digital age.

We have a combination of “word” type documents for the actual content, and an “excell” spreadsheet document for the planning and layout.goggledoc_cols

Each of us has our own input colour for when we are editing in any way and we can and do edit on occasion simultaneously, sometimes form different computer in the same house and most importantly from completely different locations. this means one person can imput content/articles, while another then proof reads (not me, I don’t do spelling, just in case anyone hadn’t noticed) The spreadsheet document is invaluable for adding up total length of text, space for advert etc. the document itself is set and put together off line in InDesign.

Goole Doc's at work for Tykes News

Goole Doc's at work for Tykes News

once we have all text and adverts accounted for, about a week after copy date, then this information is used to plan the layout, this is what I was doing last Friday afternoon on my day off, head deep down with 2 google Doc sheets open, transferring information from one to another and creating the layout plan for the next issue which is due back from the printer next week sometime   –  “Spring 09”  –

There are some issues that need considering, if your going to collaborate on shared document like this I think you need to have an understanding of how you all work first, the last thing you want is to find your all trying to change … and re-change the same bit… all at the same time, sometimes it can be a bit frustrating that because it is all online and dependent on you upload/download speeds, sometimes the documents can’t keep up with the speed your making changes, particularly if you are copying and pasting from one spread sheet cell into another, but thats just something to get used to.

Overall I’m really please to be able to use Google Docs in this way, it’s great for us at Tykes.

sneek preview below

spring09-for-proofing_page_01  spring09-for-proofing_page_37spring09-for-proofing_page_07spring09-for-proofing_page_25spring09-for-proofing_page_41

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Google Mail tweaks

A Little Gmail Tweak That Makes a Big Difference http://tinyurl.com/cb42hm  What’s new are the “Move to” and “Labels” items.

Item Posted to technologizer.com

Thanks to a twitter feed for this one

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more iGoogle

ops couldn’t help myself i’ve been iGooogling again – see more details here on my iGoogle page

Time to back away from the computer!!!

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So I’ve spent hours over the last week or so, back with “Thing 10Tagging and Del.icio.us, I just can’t stop. Doing the 25 things @ Huddersfield” has made me look much more closely at the way I use the Internet and all it’s resources, tagging ,categorising,separating,combining… it’s all become a bit of an obsession – Whats Work, Whats Personal, where does one start and the other end – well for me I don’t think there is a beginning and an end, the more I try to separate resources, the more I realize they overlap and blur .

So …next I set about making  the most of my blurry edges, and, using the Things I’ve learnt so far, making sure I can access all my Internet resources where ever I am.

1st rationalise, my email accounts, I still have let me see….2 blueyonder accounts, 1 fsmail account (used mainly for all those website registrations that have spam written all over them, particually shopping websites, 2 uni emails (1 for me, 1 for the hub – 3 if you count the ada e-learning mail account I share) and finally 2 Gmail accounts.

It was the Gmail accounts that were causing confusion since they both come with an iGoogle acount and all the add ons that go with it and you can only log into 1 at a time. I set up message filters for the emails along with automatic tags on  messages, amalgamated all my iGoogle bar widgets etc into 1 iGoogle account and gave admistration rights to my blogger account to the second iGoogle acount also.

This means i can now administrate all from one iGoogle login including this wordpress blog, and my desimeleon del.icio.us account.

More about my addiction to my iGoogle account on a seperate page.



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8 & 9/25

so RSS feeds… I’ve had both a Bloglines and Google Reader account for some time but got a bit out of the habbit of using them, this task has been a good reminder of why I set them up in the first place…. save time -no really – honest – so that I could keep up with news and blogs without being completely/permantly fixed to my computer ….That Doesn’t Work….

I’m now spending more time than ever staring at the screen (no longer just using my computer for artwork, photos, etc., but reading all sorts of stuff as well )

I’ve now more than ever linked into my Google Reader, I’ve 4 tabs on my igoogle account each with even more RSS feeds, and somehow I’ve stummbled across FriendFeed (I need to look at this in more detail to get the hang of it and decide if its useful/interesting enough to keep) it is however all ready linked to my Facebook, Flickr and my igoogle account.

I’ve found I don’t like Bloglines much and rediscovered why I didn’t use it much…I just don’t like the interface much and find it clumsy. I really don’t like the look of syndic8.com so haven’t even bothered to explore this at all – I much prefer topix.net, I must have used it before , how else did it know to show me Keighley as local news??!!  mostly though i will continue to add feeds from sites that I already use or have found in other ways, I don’t need to look for more blogs etc to read that happens all to easily anyway as I use and brows the web each day.

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