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23rd Thing – Podcasts

I know I’ve downloaded,subscribed to and listened to Podcasts in the past but not for sometime, in fact looking at my iTunes it seems the last time I downloaded one was January last year and I haven’t listened to that. It’s not because I don’t like the idea, it’s more about the way I listen to things.

I’ve always liked audio books, especially while traveling and whilst working in industry I usually had Radio 4 on in the background when working on the computer, now a days I suppose all these hours at home on the computer could be time listening to Podcasts but instead I tend to either tune into live radio,listen to music via iTunes or, use the wonderful listen again features via the internet (and at work my birdsong tracks).  

Today that might change. I think today might just be the time to rediscover the huge variety of subjects that podcasts have to offer. I’m going to start by relooking at what I already have. In my itunes I find I have 44 Podcasts –

27 espisodes of Books on Gardian Unlimited, 11 episodes of Great Moments in History, 2 episodes of Old Time Radio Comedy, 1 Front Row Interview, 1 episode of Radio 4’s Material World, and, 1 episode of Secrets of the Pirates of the Caribbean. a quick discussion with my son and a look at his shared iTunes library show that he currently has 350 Podcasts in his collection, he subscribes to 28 and this 350 include just the last 5 of any that he subscribes to, any older than this and they drop off the list. It seems these are what he listens to most when on his computer. doing homework and well just being. Now I’m going to go away and look closer at my podcasts and come back to this later


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