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Hello, as 25Things @ Huddersfield is starting a new round for 2010 with a new crop of participants (with 3 of us from last year doing the hand holding for this years newbies), I thought it was about time I got back to my own blog…so here I am 🙂

Since taking part in last years 25Things I’ve become even more addicted to the web and now have a blog for the resource area for Art, Design and Architecture that I manage here at the University  http://trendhub.wordpress.com/

Facebook pages and groups for

the Trend Hub resource area facebook/TRENDHUB

SAMPLE (the brand and publication for the BA. Hons Crafts course ) facebook/SAMPLE (I also have a private closed facebook account just for staff and student participants and contributors to Sample)

BaccaPipes Folk Club facebook/BACCApipes-Folk-Club

and now 2 Twitter accounts which I monitor and use mainly via Tweetdeck which makes managing 2 very different account …manageable.

http://twitter.com/desimeleon (the people I follow here now tends to be mainly posting about eLearning and technology )

http://twitter.com/adatrendhub (Art, Design and Architecture Creative stuff )

There are a number of other ways that fuel my web addiction thanks to 25Things but more about those another time.


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I’ve found that I use facebook updates for friends (the confessional not professional) and Twitter has become a place for work connections, though I am following my son on Twitter also… yes he does know.. I’ve found lots of interesting e-learning links and discussions I wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for some of my twitter connections, so it now has a firm place in my work related resources thanks to 25 Things for the nudge.

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#uksnow on Flickr

Following on from my Twitter link  Uk snow on Twitter/Google Earth

View most interesting 'uksnow' photos on Flickriver

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I found this on YouTube after following a Twitter Feed to first of all this blog post 


quote from above…. “As a knock-on of this there’s been a large amount of media buzz about the use of Twitter as a mob-sourced geo-mashup generator to show snowfall.  Twitter users have been posting the first half of their postcode, plus the amount of snow in their location. 0 = no snow, 10 = bucket loads. ie: “#uksnow W12 9/10″  Developers have been mashing-up that data. Check out Ben Marsh’s neat, live Google Map mashup of this: #uksnow Tweets

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Google Mail tweaks

A Little Gmail Tweak That Makes a Big Difference http://tinyurl.com/cb42hm  What’s new are the “Move to” and “Labels” items.

Item Posted to technologizer.com

Thanks to a twitter feed for this one

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When I’ve time I intend to read this 

A Twitter Mini-Guide: 60+ Useful Twitter Resources    by Scott Allen

“New to Twitter? Looking for some ways to get more out of your Twitter experience? For a while now, I’ve been putting together a list of helpful tools and resources for Twitter. I don’t claim to be an expert on Twitter, but I know a thing or two, and I found each of these pretty useful and/or interesting. Hopefully you’ll find something useful on this list.   Before we get started with all the resources, I thought I’d include some of the basics on Twitter for anyone who’s new to it……continue at A Twitter Mini-Guide: 60+ Useful Twitter Resources    by Scott Allen

found of course thanks to Twitter – maybe it will help me with my twitter/friendfeed dilemer

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I’ve just found this draft from a few days ago – moved on a bit since then, but i’m not sure if thats progress or not… so here it is 

Twitter Tracker now I have a Twitter account (with purchasing fairy following me, that was a nice surprise, Hi Jo) I’ve also added the Twitter Tracker application into my page on the new School of Art design and Architecture,learning development team NING

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