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22/25 YouTube

Thing 22 of 25Things@Huddersfield – YouTube – Thank you

Another chance to upload one of my current obsessions VinniPooh, I just adore these Russian animations and thanks to my sons (Russian) chemistry teacher I now have some of them on video along with some other less endearing, and not so well crafted, Russian animations for children.

This time with translation, even though I think I prefer them without – as I don’t speak Russian the narration is just like music to me. 

Thanks to Youtube user 0xDD who is based in Ukraine, for this

“There is a button with white triangle in the lower right corner of the viewer. It allows you to turn off annotations. You can use it any time you want :)”


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YouTube – Vinni Puh

Russian Winnie the Pooh – I’m addicted – I LOVE it

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