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more 14/25Things – wikis

This time wikis found using Wikia web site. I like this much better..

ones I like include
http://folksongindex.wikia.com/wiki/The_Carter_Family    because of

The CARTER FAMILY at CHRISTMASat home & on the air; the songs, the stories, the family traditions. With Lynda Hardcastle, Helen Hockenhull, Mike Hockenhull, Alan Rose & Nigel Schofield. see http://www.skinnymalinksmusic.co.uk/artists/thesongsofthecar.htmlsongs-of-the-carter-family


– a special concept night at 

Baccapipes Folk Club last December performed magnificently by the friends listed above, and pictured left.

“In the show, Alan, Lynda, and Mike & Helen perform many of the Carters’ best known songs, as well as some neglected gems from their repertoire, while Nigel Schofield tells their story, which encompasses groundbreaking commercial success and self-destructive personal scandal.”








http://morrisdancing.wikia.com/wiki/Morris_Dancing_Wiki might have something to contribute to this one later


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Wetpaint Wikis I’ve looked at

so after getting at bit frustrated with the 25things.Wetpaint.wiki I thought i’d look at some other Wetpaint wikis instead. here is a selection  – selectively random

http://toxicknitting.wetpaint.com    didn’t live up to the promise

http://phoenixmg.wetpaint.com/    better but not in depth enough

http://ukulele.wetpaint.com/  one for my son


http://supernaturalfanwiki.wetpaint.com/    fan sites they’re just not me…  

http://folklists.wetpaint.com/  aha a subject I know about, might keep a closer eye on this one, it’s only been going since Dec o8 – looks like page 39’s our area and as I’m one of the editorial  and production team for the folk magazine Tykes News (website Jim Ellison) I just might be able to contribute here. Yep I’ve registered, posted a comment and I’ve add this one to my Google Reader.folk-thread

http://newapocrypha.wetpaint.com    just one of the many Doctor Who Wetpaint sites I found  – yes I know I said I didn’t think fan sites were me …but…Newapocrypha is a Doctor Who Wiki site, set up as a resource covering every aspect of expanded continuityreferences,speculation and role-playing. We are not interested in definingcanon, but instead seek to draw together the many fictional facts presented by Doctor Who and its spin-offs since 1963, considering the implications of their inclusion as part of a coherent fictional universe. It is meant to enhance your enjoyment of one of the best fictional universes ever created.”  I’ve also add this one to my Google Reader

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13/25 – Wikipedia

So in the interest of completeness and in the spirit of 25Things….

here I am looking at Wikipedia

1st a random article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood_Potato_Chip

It wasn’t the fact it was about food that caught my eye, no really, it was the inset about the lettering on the albam cover – ” The original lettering on the album’s cover parodied the logo of Variety, resulting in a legal controversy.”

This nudged my interest in copyright and IP. The article turns out to be nothing to do with packaging and/or potato chips as a food stuff but a music album by a group called the Vandals

Released June 29, 2004
Genre Punk rock
Length 33:24
Label Kung Fu
Producer Warren Fitzgerald

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Item 12 of 25 ThingsWikis “Wiki is taken from the Hawaiian word wiki wiki meaning quick or swift. In Web 2.0 terms a wiki is a website in which content can be added, edited and changed by a group of members. This means a wiki is great way of getting people working together and collaborating online.” – from the 25 Things @ Huddersfield blog. Thanks I didn’t know where the word originated but did know about wikis as I use a number of them with students it’s a great way to share information as long as you realise not all info can be relied on, but for speed and as a starting point for further research the’re great.

My search for bookmarks on delicious. using the Tag – Wiki – came up with 396402 results and that was without looking at related tags, whoopie! more trails to follow…

so here is a bit a bout new to me wikis that I’ve now bookmarked –

My fav new to me wiki is The Design Encyclopedia “The Design Encyclopedia is a user-built source of reference material with the sole intention of defining, describing, chronicling and documenting the world through design in all its implications and manifestations – from the visual to the tactile, from the communicative to the evocative, from the cultural to the commercial. Most everything – from cars to burgers to movies – can be dissected by its design application, use and history.” Here are their rules for contributing, something I think all wikis need, basic guidlines –

1. The design encyclopedia is a public environment, please be mindful and respectful of those who spend time contributing to its growth and of those devoted to its development.

2. The design encyclopedia is not about opinions or subjectivity. Facts and information are the standard.

3. The design encyclopedia lends itself to a number of product entries; we welcome every single company or service to add their offering’s description but we severely frown upon any attempts at promotions or blatant advertising.

4. Ultimately, the editors of the design encyclopedia can delete anything they deem inappropriate.

AND SO NOW I have No TIME at all to do ANYTHING other than stare at a computer screen 24/7 ….curse you 25 things!

http://globotrends.pbwiki.com/trends “GloboTrends is a blog network & wiki set up to discuss the important global trends in economics, finance and innovation. Our goal is to create an online forum for discussion about global trends in macro economics, trade, finance, and innovation.” This seems to be a blend of blog and wiki and you need to be registered to contribute and entries are checked and vetted.

I’m not even sure If I want to look at wikipedia again when there are so many other wikis out there,

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