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as an experiment, as of today the Trendhub blog is now visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers. It will be interesting to see if this makes a significant different to the numbers of visitors and the number of spam comments received.


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Hello, as 25Things @ Huddersfield is starting a new round for 2010 with a new crop of participants (with 3 of us from last year doing the hand holding for this years newbies), I thought it was about time I got back to my own blog…so here I am 🙂

Since taking part in last years 25Things I’ve become even more addicted to the web and now have a blog for the resource area for Art, Design and Architecture that I manage here at the University  http://trendhub.wordpress.com/

Facebook pages and groups for

the Trend Hub resource area facebook/TRENDHUB

SAMPLE (the brand and publication for the BA. Hons Crafts course ) facebook/SAMPLE (I also have a private closed facebook account just for staff and student participants and contributors to Sample)

BaccaPipes Folk Club facebook/BACCApipes-Folk-Club

and now 2 Twitter accounts which I monitor and use mainly via Tweetdeck which makes managing 2 very different account …manageable.

http://twitter.com/desimeleon (the people I follow here now tends to be mainly posting about eLearning and technology )

http://twitter.com/adatrendhub (Art, Design and Architecture Creative stuff )

There are a number of other ways that fuel my web addiction thanks to 25Things but more about those another time.

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Hello and About

Hello 25 thingers… Hello everyone – So that this post stays on top of the list, it is my Sticky Post. To bring some sort of order, I’ve categorised most of my entries. Look…see…. just on the Right, down there… Posts by Categories! Oh and I’ve tagged most posts so you could choose to view using a tag (kind of mini and multi categories, as many posts have more than 1 tag) – click one to pick one …. or …. just read on in the usual date order sort of way, latest first. There is also more than 1 page – look along the top, this gave me the chance to expand a bit and keep some categories/topics/things separate. That was/is the Hello, now the About, the Why.. The short explination is to do25 things @ Huddersfield(click the link to the left to find out more) and NOW……. 25Things 2010 has started.

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The Ed Techie

a post from The Ed TechiThat I didn’t want to loose and as a reminder to go back
(Educational Technology, web 2.0, VLEs, open content, e-learning, plus some personal stuff thrown in.) 

Blogging as occupational therapy

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I recently went to Durham to the Blackboard Users Conference, I was only able to attend 1 day out of the 2 and went specifically to hear this keynote speaker  Paul Lowe – brilliant, came back with my head simply buzzing with blogs and elearning ideas. I’d like to share his slide presentation with you

and while I’m at it here is a link to the  site that is hosting and sharing this presentation – SlideShare –

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Already Jan 2009, whops I’m a bit behind already! better make some time to catch up …so here goes item 11 of 15 Things –

Technorati and Google Blog Search

So the 1st thing I did was to save both of these as delicious book marks http://delicious.com/trendhub

and then…searched for “Morris Dancing” something I did for a number of years, but no more….it is a tradition struggling to survive, as reported by the BBC and others a few nights ago

Technorati Search / 490 results for morris dancing

Google Blog Search – about 138,380 for morris dancing. (0.44 seconds)

looking through some of the results the ones on Google Blog Search seem far more relevant, and many more results the Technorati search brought up some very odd links, many of them in at the top of the list not at all relevant….But this led me off down all sorts of twisted paths, linking in more searches,back to Flickr and Flickriver Badges,

View 'morris dancing' photos on Flickriver

Terry Pratchett turned up in there somewhere, somehow http://www.lancre-morris-men.co.uk “The Lancre Morris Men originally came about from the imagination of Terry Pratchett OBE. Their physical maifestation came about around eight years ago through the formation of a north eastern side called Otterbourne. Being avid Pratchett fans and with the original members having names like Plumber (an electrician), Baker (an accountant) and Wheeler (a farmer), it wasn’t long before they were being referred to as the Lancre Morris Men*.”

so now possibly hours later it’s time to move on 😦 .. … … I haven’t time to read all these and get distracted by lots and lots of fab stuff, and go on more twisty,windy paths into other peoples pics, thoughts, ramblings, opinions, journeys and adventures ….. well not just now anyway, But I’ll be back…..

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