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I’ve just found this draft from a few days ago – moved on a bit since then, but i’m not sure if thats progress or not… so here it is 

Twitter Tracker now I have a Twitter account (with purchasing fairy following me, that was a nice surprise, Hi Jo) I’ve also added the Twitter Tracker application into my page on the new School of Art design and Architecture,learning development team NING


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thanks to  Iman for pointing this (via my iGoogle and FriendFeed) in my direction


now trying to get my head around friendfeed/twitter… /twitter/friendfeed – do I continue with just one.. or.. the other … or both!

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Twitter – Ah I’ve been meaning to do this for a while so thanks again for the nudge. so last week signed up at the same time got myself an iGoogle Twitter Gadget “Add TwitterGadget to your Gmail account using Gmail Labs! Twitter Gadget auto-detects when you’ve inserted the gadget into your Gmail account and displays a smaller footprint version.” All part of my iGoogle mania

This has not helped me – Walk away from the computer …..

Twitter latest post courtesy of Library 2.0 Idea Generator – (Thanks Dave) = “harness the oldest librarian at your library and then dispose of all your book stock.” might solve the summer storage problem, sorry Lynn you’ll just have to stay 🙂

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